Admission to Country Kids International School is open to all children of the appropriate age, regardless of their race, nationality, religion or first language. Everyone who could benefit from the education offered and for whom the school can provide suitable environment may attend. Interested parents should complete the on-line application form or/and contact the Admissions Office.

Our grade level placement begins with the student’s age as of the first day of school.  For example a student who is 2 years old on the first day of school would be placed with Group 1.  However, we also consider the previous grade level of the child and other factors. When children arrive, our teachers will carefully observe them during the first month at school. Based the teachers’ observations, and in consultation with you, we will determine the pupil’s final grade placement.


The re-enrolment period for parents who wish their children to continue takes place throughout the summer holidays (July-August). Families who wish to re-enroll for the following year may either sign the new contract with the school before they go on the summer holidays or make their decision later (however, not later than August 31.)

Families may send an adult representative to pick up the contract but the signed document must be returned by the close of day on the last day of the Re-Enrollment period, otherwise the place may be given to another child.


Can I come and see the pre-school?

Of course, but first you would have to make an appointment. Call Ms. Nana Ama Koranteng or email us on, and we will be happy to deal with your enquiry.

How do you prepare my child for school?

We will prepare a child for school through activities, like classes with specialist teachers, outdoor activities lead by our Sports Coordinator, free play like sand and water play, not to mention Music, Art, Design and Technology. We promote reading through storytelling and listening to stories as well as looking at books and discussing pictures. The children are exposed to numbers and mathematical concepts like geometrical shapes and develop the big and small muscles that will help them write. We provide them with a safe and familiar adult from whom they can find comfort, security and knowledge.